The healthiest way of life for the elderly!

The healthiest way of life for the elderly!

The Healthiest Lifestyle

About diet

1. When you think you can eat half a bowl of rice, leave the table.

2. Drink at least four glasses of water a day, even if your body is not hungry or thirsty.

3, drink more yogurt.

4, pay attention to breakfast.

5. Adding grains and vegetables to the diet.

6. Control the amount of salt.

7. Don't always eat leftovers.

8. One morning and one night, two apples can effectively improve constipation.

9. Eat fish at least once a week.

10. Drink less carbonated drinks and more tea.

11. Eat seven or eight full meals and have a moderate sense of hunger.

12. Eat one egg a day. If cholesterol is high or coronary heart disease occurs, eat four to five eggs a week.

About sports

1. Enjoy the sunshine at 8 and 9 o'clock in the morning.

2. It is advisable to lie down and sleep for no more than 40 minutes during lunch break.

3. For most people, walking is the simplest exercise.

4. Exercise once a day for no less than 30 minutes. Ensure exercise for 5 days a week.

5. Planting flowers and grass, dancing, fishing or swimming are also good physical exercises.


About family

1. There is no right or wrong in family matters, only discord.

2. If you can take care of yourself, try not to live with your children and keep the distance of "a bowl of soup".

3. Regarding whether to bring grandchildren or not, we should consult with our children and make a good agreement beforehand. Only if we don't take too much care of it, can we not be grieving.

4. Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren. Don't worry about salty radish.

5. To love the child in another way and learn to quit appropriately when the child grows up, as long as he or she is healthy and happy, it is enough.

About physiology

1. Sleeping on a semi-rigid bed is more conducive to cervical health.

2. Do not cross Erlang's legs so as not to oppress nerves.

3. When turning around, bending down, crouching and standing up, the movement should not be too fast, the range should not be too large, and the movement should be slow.

4. Get ready to go to bed at 21 o'clock every day. It's better to go to bed at 22 o'clock to 23 o'clock. It should not exceed 0 o'clock at the latest.

5. Put a note on the place where you often sit. Tell yourself to get up and move for 5 minutes every 55 minutes. Remember that people who sit for a long time are prone to early death.

6. Rest for half an hour after exercise and then take a bath.

About life

One center:

The elderly should be health-centered

Two basic points:

Live confused

Live smartly

The three one is to forget:

Forget age

Forget the past

Forget resentment

Four of us:

1. Believe in yourself:

The power of self-confidence is an important source of longevity.

2. Persuade yourself:

The ups and downs in the emotional world are bound to be caused by the ups and downs in life. If you do not control them properly, you will lose your life.

3. Find yourself:

A person who can discover himself can constantly adjust himself, transform himself and renew himself, so as to develop, grow and consolidate himself. We can overcome difficulties, overcome diseases, and ultimately win longevity.

4. Conquer yourself:

Only when we conquer ourselves can we let the flowers blossom and fall, let the clouds roll and the clouds relax, and use our tenacious vitality to face setbacks, hardships and misfortunes.

The five is fast:

1, eat fast:

It shows that human body has good metabolic function, appetite and easy absorption.

2, quickly.

It shows that gastrointestinal digestion is good, urine and stool are smooth and convenient for detoxification.

3, sleep fast:

It shows that the nervous system has good function, fast sleeping and energetic awakening.

4, speak fast:

It shows that people have good thinking ability and sensitive brain response.

5, walk fast:

It shows that people have good cardiopulmonary function and vigorous vitality. As the saying goes, "Look at the hands and feet first when you are old", "Waist first when you are sick, and old legs first when you are old". Legs and feet are the cornerstone of health.

The six is not:

Don't eat until you are hungry.

Don't drink until you are thirsty.

Don't be tired.

Do not sleep until you are sleepy.

Don't check until you're ill.

Don't regret until you are old

The seven should be:

1. Physically, we should not obey our old age, but in learning we should not obey our old age.

2. Mentality should be optimistic and upward, not pessimistic and depressed.

3. We should forget the unpleasant things in the past and accept the new things in the future.

4. We should be content with the status quo in life and not satisfied with the status quo in ideology.

5. We should not be pessimistic about minor matters.

6. Mentally, we should learn to relax, not to relax.

7. We should make more contributions to society and not ask for more.

The eight one is:

Look far, think far.

Eat well and sleep well.

Walk slowly and practice diligently

Smile more, get less angry

Nine old people:

Old heart is strong

Be old and healthy

My wife wants to be friendly.

Old books must be insured.

Home to see

Old friends want to gather

Old hobby

Old books to read

Thank God.

Ten taboo:

One taboo: Speaking too much

Second taboo: depending on the old to sell the old

Three taboos: ideological rigidity

Four taboo: disobey old people

Five taboos: idleness

Six taboos: mention that year's bravery

Seven taboos: self-closure

Eight taboos: sigh at the old and the poor

Nine taboos: always thinking of death

Ten taboos: cynicism and secularism


About health

Health is not a person's, it is a big family of lover, parents, children, brothers and sisters.

The most expensive bed in the world is the sickbed.

Someone can drive for you, make money for you, spend money for you, but nobody is sick for you.

Anything lost can be recovered, but one thing lost can never be recovered, that is fate.

The Healthiest Lifestyle

Life should be faced with the mind of the sea, dominated by scientific methods, nourished the stomach with the Imperial Diet of the emperor, washed the lungs with fresh air, sunbathed in the quilt with brilliant sunshine, and slept like a lazy cat.

The healthiest way of life for the elderly!:Waiting for you to sit on the sofa!


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