Obese patients are prone to cancer? Eight hazards of obesity

Obese patients are prone to cancer? Eight hazards of obesity

Obesity not only makes people look less beautiful, but also shows awkward mobility. I wonder if you find that there are not many chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and so on, among obese people. So what harm does obesity bring to us? Just listen to what experts say.

1. Cause dyslipidemia

Obesity, especially abdominal obesity, is more likely to show abnormal elevation of hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, low density lipoprotein and very low density lipoprotein than normal people, while high density lipoprotein is lower. The reasons why obese people are susceptible to hyperlipidemia are still unclear. The possible reasons are as follows: first, eating more fat, second, storing more fat in the body, third, hyperinsulinemia can increase blood lipids, and fourth, there are problems in clearing blood lipids.

2. Increase cerebrovascular disease.

Obese people are prone to hypertension, dyslipidemia and diabetes. Obese people with hypertension, dyslipidemia and diabetes are more likely to have brain problems.

First of all, these people are prone to cerebral atherosclerosis, their cerebral blood vessels are hard and brittle, easy to rupture under the action of hypertension, causing dangerous cerebral hemorrhage, and even endangering life. Secondly, the tissue fibrinolysis activation inhibitor factor in the blood of obese people is higher than that of ordinary people. This factor makes the thrombus difficult to dissolve once it is formed, so obese people are prone to cerebral thrombosis, that is, cerebral infarction.

3, increase the probability of hypertension.

Obesity is closely related to hypertension. Among obese people aged 40 to 50, the incidence of hypertension is 50% higher than that of non obese people. A moderately obese person is more than five times as likely to develop hypertension as a normal weight person and more than twice as likely as a mildly obese person.

4. Increase heart load.

It has been found that the incidence of angina pectoris and sudden death increased by 4 times in obese subjects. This shows that obesity will definitely increase the burden of the heart and cause heart damage.

The heart of a normal human body acts as a pump, contracting and relaxing constantly, maintaining the circulation of blood. Because obese people store too much fat in their blood, the total amount of blood increases accordingly, and the heart increases its contractile strength accordingly. When the heart is overwhelmed, it can no longer pump blood effectively, resulting in the accumulation of blood in the cardiovascular system, and even severe heart failure.

5, cause fatty liver

About half of obese people suffer from fatty liver. The liver is the place to synthesize triglycerides, but there is not much room for storing it in the liver. In obese people, the balance between triglyceride synthesis and transport has been imbalanced. Fatty acid intake is high in obese people, so the liver synthesizes more triglycerides. A lot of triglycerides accumulate in the liver. Results fatty liver was formed.

6, increase diabetes risk

Obesity is one of the most important risk factors for diabetes. Among type 2 diabetic patients, 80% are obese. Moreover, the longer obesity occurs, the greater the risk of diabetes.

7. Cause bone and joint diseases

Obesity may cause three kinds of osteoarthritis: osteoarthritis, diabetic osteoarthritis and gouty osteoarthritis. Among them, osteoarthritis occurred most frequently and harms most. Obesity induced osteoarthritis mainly affects the knee joint, which can affect the hip joint and finger joints.

8, obese people are prone to cancer.

According to the results of epidemiological survey, obese women are more likely to suffer from endometrial cancer and postmenopausal breast cancer, while obese men are more likely to suffer from prostate cancer; and as long as obese people are obese, both men and women are more likely to suffer from colon and rectal cancer. The more serious the obesity, the higher the incidence of several kinds of cancer.

There are so many diseases caused by obesity. It seems that we need to control our weight more strictly in the future. In fact, losing weight can not only make oneself more beautiful, but also make oneself far away from a series of obesity diseases. If you are also a obese person, then wait for something, hurry up and let the fat burn up.

Obese patients are prone to cancer? Eight hazards of obesity:Waiting for you to sit on the sofa!


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