I'm used to hearing about the sudden death of young people.

"Do you remember the little boy who had dinner with us before?"
"What's wrong with him?"
"I heard that he stayed up late at the company last night and suddenly fainted. My colleague rushed to the hospital and found that he had died suddenly.
"Oh! It's frightening to hear sudden death every day."
"Every day I feel I can hear the news of the sudden death of young people, and gradually get used to it."

I'm used to hearing about the sudden death of young people.

Sudden death is now a popular topic. People around us often hear about the sudden death of an advertising company yesterday, or see the news of young people's sudden death in the media.

The distance between sudden death and us is no longer the difference between inside and outside the wall. We're used to seeing the same people tomorrow. Maybe we won't see them the next day. In a changing world, young people Alexander, long-term high-pressure life can lead to physical discomfort and sudden death.

Today we're going to talk about sudden death.

Once upon a time, people might have thought that sudden death would only occur in groups with high-intensity physical work. Now the situation is different. Sudden death often occurs in groups with heavy mental activity. Sudden death is also likely to occur in the middle-aged and middle-aged.

So, what kind of people are susceptible to sudden death?

1.Family 1 has a history of heart disease

2 The legendary "three high" patients refer to hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.

3. Long-term smoking and alcoholism

4. Overeating and overeating, excessive intake of high-fat, high-protein foods

5. Work pressure, life pressure, staying up late for a long time, personal mood fluctuates greatly.
The sudden death rate of these people is much higher than that of ordinary people. We should not only defend passively, but also take the initiative to attack and be alert to these symptoms.

If you have frequent unexplained palpitations, sometimes tightness in the chest and general fatigue, you should be alert to the risk of sudden death.

In addition to the above situation, such as frequent panic, slow heartbeat, or even unexplained syncope, it is recommended to rush to the hospital for examination to prevent the occurrence of sudden death.

We should not only be alert to these symptoms, but also start with prevention.

1.Let's improve our eating habits, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat a balanced diet, try to eat less spicy stimulation and fried food, to avoid aggravating the burden of the intestines and stomach.

2. Suggestions are to give up smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking can easily increase the burden on the heart, cause vasospasm and cause sudden death.

3. Keep a good mood and keep your mental state at a good level. Long-term anxiety and depression are also one of the causes of sudden death.

4.Avoid staying up late. Young people don't always stay up late when they feel good. Staying up late for a long time will not only lead to a decline in immunity and a chaotic biological clock, but also increase the cardiovascular burden.

5. Don't lose weight madly. Losing weight madly will damage the body's function, reduce immunity, cause adverse effects on the heart and stomach, and even cause sudden death because of the speed of losing weight.

I don't want to hear another stranger fall on my desk and I can't sleep. Money is precious, and the price of life is higher!

I'm used to hearing about the sudden death of young people.:Waiting for you to sit on the sofa!


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