How to Lose Weight in Postpartum Breast Milk

How to Lose Weight in Postpartum Breast Milk

How to Lose Weight in Postpartum Breast Milk

1. How to Lose Weight in Postpartum Breast Milk

Stay away from milky white soup. The thick milky white of the soup comes from fat emulsified into droplets, which is not the nutrient that is lacking in lactation. When you drink soup, you may as well only drink clear soup to remove the oil slick on the surface. It's better to replace half of broth and chicken soup with low-fat milk and soy milk, which can provide more protein and vitamins, and calcium in milk is also important for making milk.

Dinner choice. For dinner, white rice flour is replaced by eight treasures porridge boiled with miscellaneous grains and beans, and millet, oats, red beans and black rice are recommended. Boil it up a bit. Vitamin B1 in these grains can improve the quality of breast milk and benefit the baby. It contains dietary fiber, which is also helpful to prevent constipation. At the same time, porridge has more water than rice, and even if you are full, you won't worry about getting fat.

Eat more vegetables. When you lose weight, you should never let yourself go hungry. If a third of the staple food is reduced, a large number of vegetables can be used to fill it. Vegetables cooked and salted are bulky, full-bodied and rich in dietary fiber and trace nutrients, which are very important for both mother and child.

2. How to Choose the Way to Lose Weight in Postpartum Breast Milk

Breast-feeding weight loss can not be achieved by dieting, but by adjusting dietary habits. It is suggested to choose a balanced diet in the diet, which can not only ensure that mothers and babies are supplemented with adequate nutrition, but also avoid the problem of overnutrition of mothers. Therefore, as long as the diet is reasonable, they can successfully lose weight.

3. Appropriate Exercise on How to Lose Weight in Postpartum Breast Milk

Exercise is one of the most direct and effective ways to lose weight. Breast-feeding mothers can burn excess fat and calories through exercise. Therefore, in the case of adequate rest, it is recommended that breast-feeding mothers do some simple aerobic exercises, such as walking half an hour after meals, 30-40 minutes of yoga in the afternoon, and postpartum gymnastics. Very remarkable.

In addition, because for a long period of time after delivery, mothers will be in lactation, because lactation is related to the health of both babies and mothers, so we can not blindly carry out weight loss, diet, weight loss, vigorous exercise, drinking weight loss tea and so on will affect postpartum recovery and breast-feeding behavior, we must not excessively pursue the effect of weight loss, and damage. The health of mother and baby.

Misunderstandings of postpartum weight loss

1. Immediate postpartum exercise

In order to get back in shape as soon as possible, some moms take exercise to lose weight immediately after delivery. In fact, this may slow down the recovery of the uterus and even cause bleeding. In severe cases, it may also cause the production of surgical section or injury of vulvar incision. It is suggested that mothers with spontaneous delivery can begin professional yoga postpartum recovery 4-6 weeks after delivery, while patients with cesarean section need 6-8 weeks or longer recovery period.

2. Anemia Stick to Weight Loss

It is easy to cause postpartum anemia because of excessive blood loss during childbirth. New mothers with postpartum anemia recover slowly. If you are in a hurry to lose weight, you will be more likely to aggravate anemia if you do not solve the problem of anaemia. Therefore, it is not appropriate to lose weight immediately after delivery. New mothers with anemia should pay more attention to supplementing iron-rich foods and eating more spinach, brown sugar, fish, meat, animal liver and so on.

3. Diet after the birth of a child

Some mothers do everything they can to lose weight. Start dieting and losing weight as soon as you have finished production. However, at this time, the mother's body has not fully restored to the pre-pregnancy level, and some new mothers are also burdened with heavy feeding tasks, this is the time to supplement nutrition. Compulsory postpartum diet can not only slow the recovery of new mothers, but also cause various complications.

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