How to eliminate the acne of staying up late?

Staying up late and working overtime, the quality of natural sleep is poor, most of them will appear the problem of "kidney Yin deficiency", "yin deficiency and fire prosperity". The heat and heat accumulate on the face, coupled with dry weather, affecting the excretion of sebaceous glands, oil can not be excreted immediately, pore blockage, and resulting in acne clumps.


How to eliminate the acne of  staying up late?

How to eliminate the acne of staying up late?

1. Patients with whelk in their diet should eat as little as possible seafood, fried, spicy and other stimulating foods, eat more vitamin-rich alkaline food with heat-clearing and detoxification effect, in order to prevent the increase of internal fever and make the disease become serious.

2. Keep a cheerful mood and emotional stability in the mood, because too much mental depression will lead to endocrine disharmony and abnormal sebaceous gland metabolism, which will also aggravate the condition.

3, sleep must be adequate, as far as possible between ten and twelve in the evening to enter the state of sleep. Because rest is not good, but make the mood is agitated, the skin is coarse, also can cause the increase and aggravation of whelk.

How to eliminate the acne of  staying up late?

Small daily knowledge of acne elimination

1. The emergence of acne is not a single situation. Generally speaking, it is normal for adolescent girls to have acne, but if they want to leave no scars, they should pay attention to it. It is suggested that girls can wash their faces with saline every morning, which can eliminate acne very well.

2. The occurrence of whelk has a great relationship with the habit of sleeping every day. Generally speaking, girls should pay attention to the protection of facial skin when sleeping. It is suggested that they massage their faces gently for 15 minutes every night while sleeping, and gently massage their faces with their fingers, and then gently pat them for a while.

3. Attention should be paid to their physical condition. If the pressure of study and work is relatively high during a period of time, they should decompress in time. They can relax themselves for a few days and travel to the suburbs for a day. This can adjust their mood well and avoid the occurrence of acne due to high pressure and endocrine disorders.

4. The appearance of whelk is closely related to the lack of water in the body. Now many girls do not pay attention to their drinking condition. Most Russians like to drink drinks, but drinking drinks for a long time will reduce the skin quality of their girls and make them vulnerable to whelk. It is suggested that they drink boiled water every day.

5. Regulation of the body's endocrine can be a good way to stop the occurrence of acne, which is very clear to you. I tell you a skill here, eat three strawberries a day, can promote the body's endocrine circulation, increase skin elasticity and metabolism, reduce the occurrence of acne.

6. Many girls nowadays don't like meat for their good stature. In fact, meat is a good food to stop acne. They are advised to eat more pork and pork hooves, which is very effective. In addition, they should not eat mutton or beef.

7. The appearance of whelk is mostly caused by unbalanced nutrition, so it is suggested that sisters should pay more attention to their own equally balanced, eat more vegetables and fruits, and also pay attention to eating less seafood products, because seafood is very irritating to the skin, is the hotbed of whelk, we must be careful.

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