How to deal with psychological pressure

How to deal with psychological pressure

The greater the pressure in life, the greater the psychological pressure. Headache, insomnia and endocrine disorders are all caused by excessive psychological pressure. So what about psychological pressure? How to alleviate psychological pressure?

How to deal with the excessive psychological pressure? There are many reasons for the excessive psychological pressure. If you want to alleviate the pressure, you must first understand the reasons for the excessive psychological pressure. So in daily life, what are the manifestations of psychological stress? What are the ways to relieve stress? Follow Xiaobian to learn about it.

What are the common manifestations of psychological stress

Headache: Many white-collar workers suffer from migraine headache, which is mainly caused by excessive stress.

Insomnia: Excessive stress is likely to cause insomnia problems, and insomnia will increase with the increase of stress.

Forget: Long-term stress can change the structure of brain neurons and damage memory.

Computer rage: After the computer malfunction, it will produce serious restlessness, and will vent anger on the computer symptoms, in white-collar workers there are many people.

Depression: Depression is a mental illness that white-collar men often suffer from because of the pressure of work and life, which causes insomnia, depression and other psychiatric diseases.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder: Excessive pursuit of perfection, long-term mechanical work, and excessive stress make the incidence of obsessive-compulsive disorder in urban people continue to rise.

Cold: Stress can also cause your immune system to decline, and viruses and bacteria from outside can easily invade your body, causing respiratory diseases.

Neck and shoulder soreness: lack of exercise and heavy pressure cause muscle tension, poor blood gas movement and congestion of muscle capillaries.

Eye fatigue: inappropriate wear of glasses or contact lenses, too heavy pressure, computer graphics and office brightness difference is too big.

Chronic diarrhea: Stress is an important cause of diarrhea.

Eyelid Jump: If you deal with more meticulous work for a long time, it is easy to have this problem. People with more eyes should enjoy the scenery outside the window every 20 minutes. They can also rest with their eyes closed, and their symptoms will subside.

Endocrine disorders: Intellectual women have more delicate psychological feelings about things, high mental pressure, resulting in endocrine disorders, and then premature ovarian failure.


Ten ways to relieve psychological stress

1. Suggestive method

Choosing the best time and consciously using language, action, memory, imagination and various objects in the surrounding environment to give positive hints to oneself can eliminate negative emotions, alleviate psychological tension, and keep one's mind calm and happy. Such as reciting famous quotes, memorizing successful experiences and dressing up carefully.

2. Change of territory law

Fixed environment can make people lose interest gradually, and then cause some psychological problems. Changing the environment properly can stimulate people's self-confidence and enterprising spirit. For example, traveling to a distant place can transfer energy, place emotions, and dispel all kinds of troubles caused by bad emotions.

3. Follow the law.

This is a reasonable psychological response in the psychological defense mechanism. The ancients said, "Be at ease with circumstances." Faced with all kinds of negative life events, such as life, old age, illness, natural disasters and man-made disasters, to treat them with a heart of ease, you can reduce many unnecessary pains and have a peaceful and happy mind.

4. Relaxation method

Choosing elegant environment, comfortable posture, eliminating miscellaneous thoughts, keeping your eyes closed, relaxing your muscles as much as possible, and adopting a stable and slow deep breathing method can really relieve mental tension, depression, anxiety, impatience and fatigue. When inhaling, hands slowly clench fists, wrists slightly flex, allergic rhinitis symptoms after inhalation a little hold breath for a period of time, and then slowly exhale, the whole body muscle is relaxed. Determine the appropriate frequency to repeat breathing.

5. Humor.

Humor is the "air conditioner" of psychological environment. When you are frustrated or in an awkward and tense situation, you can use humor to resolve the dilemma and maintain a balance of mind. Humor is the lubricant of interpersonal relationship. It can make the heavy mood open-minded and open-minded.

6, music law

When you have anxiety, depression, nervousness and other bad psychological emotions, you may as well listen to music, do a psychological "massage", beautiful melody, can play a psychological adjustment and emotional transformation effect, such as "Liang Zhu" harmony, "Step Up" joy, "Autumn and Japanese Whisper" quiet, will make you nervous and anxious. The mood relaxes, the mood is joyful.

7. Ornamental method

Reading wonderful books and watching beautiful movies and TV plays can easily arouse happy life experience, release tension, dispel depression and drive away boredom.

8, self mockery.

This is a psychological defense mechanism beneficial to physical and mental health. When your career, love and marriage are unsatisfactory, when you are upset by personal attack or unfair evaluation, when you are laughed at because of your physical defects, you may as well use Ah Q spiritual victory method to self-mock, to adjust the dryness of your nose and how to deal with your unbalanced psychology, to create an open-minded and calm mind. Atmosphere.

9, catharsis method

Psychologists believe that catharsis is a normal psychological and physiological need of human beings. When you are sad or depressed, you might as well confide in your friends; you can also do a favorite sport; or you can shout in the open field, which can breathe fresh air and release the accumulated depression.

10. Escape method.

This is a protective film to protect the psychological environment from erosion. On some non-principled issues, it is advisable to take evasive measures and pretend to be "confused", which can undoubtedly improve the ability of psychological endurance and avoid unnecessary mental pain and confusion. With this protective film, you will not be disturbed, troubled, and calm to deal with life's tense events.

How to deal with psychological pressure:Waiting for you to sit on the sofa!


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