Five Best Exercises for Losing Weight During Menstruation

Five Best Exercises for Losing Weight During Menstruation

To lose weight during menstruation, diet and exercise should be combined. Also, the key is to choose suitable exercise for menstruation, oh, menstruation is not easy to exercise vigorously, hot, let's do soothing exercise.

1. Slow for 20-40 minutes

Slow walking is the best exercise that can effectively help adjust menstrual discomfort without being easily injured. Whether before or during menstruation, as long as you can get out of bed and walk, you may as well put on comfortable sandals, put on sunscreen, and go for a walk in the park.

Take advantage of the cool and comfortable wind in the evening, and lead your spouse or pet along for a while, your mood will not only quietly become happy, but also because you have sports to feel full of body and mind!

2. Jogging for 15-30 minutes

Sports science has confirmed that running does activate the brain and produce endorphin, a mood-boosting chemical. If you feel depressed because of your physiological period, bring your headphones and let music accompany your jogging time.

It should be noted that besides draining menstrual blood, water and electrolytes will also be lost by jogging. Remember to replenish enough water before, during and after the three stages of running, so as not to speed up the exhaustion of body energy, but to become exhausted after running.

In addition to not recommended to do inverted movements, menstrual yoga can help you alleviate disc cavity muscles, back pain. If yoga is not that good, try the simple yoga wreath style.

(1) Straighten your back, squat your feet on a yoga mat, open your knees and separate your feet from each other. Place your heels on the same horizontal line as you can. Imagine yourself as an open-footed frog, holding your hands naturally on your chest.

(2) Next, the fingertips of both hands extend backward and the palms are upward, reaching behind the left and right feet respectively.

(3) Inhale, lean forward slightly and maintain balance. Pass your hands through your ankles and touch your fingertips on your heels. Keep your feet balanced and open. Head can be slightly down and exhale slowly.

4. Aerobic dance for 30-45 minutes

In addition to consuming a lot of calories, moderate intensity aerobic dance can also relieve edema for you, and sweating can speed up metabolism, so that the body can achieve deeper detoxification, help you improve cardiopulmonary function, promote blood circulation, but can make the blood flow more smoothly oh. After dancing, you almost forget that "old friend" is still there! Of course, we should also remember to replenish the water in time.

5. Lie on your stomach, but don't forget to breathe.

Main points of action:
(1) Lay a mat on the floor so that the whole person is facing down and lying on the ground;
(2) wrap arms and elbows around the lower chest;
(3) Use the strength of the arms and toes to lift the body up, stay for a few seconds, and then put it down.
The seemingly amusing down-prone exercise is a very intense whole-body exercise for the physiological period. First try to hold your body up until the end of an advertisement, and then gradually extend to a whole period of advertising time. Surprisingly, in this seemingly short advertising time, these "lying down" actions consume more than 300 calories! Do more than a few times, abdominal cramps will also be able to get a good improvement.

Friendship reminds us that we shouldn't lose weight too intensely during menstruation. Let's learn to do these exercises with appropriate intensity.

Five Best Exercises for Losing Weight During Menstruation:Waiting for you to sit on the sofa!


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