Can you really brush your teeth? The wrong way to brush your teeth quickly!

Which brushing methods can prevent the occurrence of dental caries?

There are two ways to evaluate whether a person brushes his teeth well or not: first, whether he brushes his teeth cleanly or not; second, whether he brushes his teeth or gums badly. If you want to clean your toothbrush, you have to do everything in detail, that is, every face of every tooth should be brushed.

When brushing your teeth, it is recommended that you brush them in order of your habits. Usually, you brush the most difficult position first, such as the inside of the lower teeth, the back of the upper teeth, etc.

1.The first method is called horizontal tremor, which involves rubbing the brush bristles back and forth at the junction between the teeth and the gums.

2.The second way is called vertical brush. Like comb your hair, the upper teeth are brushed from top to bottom and the lower teeth are brushed from bottom to top.

3.The third way is called turning around, which means tightening the teeth and drawing circles on the teeth. This method is relatively simple. It is usually used when teaching children.

It should be noted that when brushing our teeth, we must avoid zigzag cross brushing, because this method is of great magnitude and strength, easy to increase the wear of teeth and poor cleaning effect.

Can you really brush your teeth? The wrong way to brush your teeth quickly!:Waiting for you to sit on the sofa!


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